FBE Podcast #22! Associate Producers Katie & Kyle drop by to talk about making our videos!
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01:19 - Intro
03:58 - Meet & Greet Update
06:14 - F the Prom movie
10:27 - Katie/Kyle Intro
23:17 - How long have you been at FBE? (Jam686)
23:37 - What does an AP do? (Selena Fay)
26:32 - Did you always want to be a producer? (Rachel.bakes16)
29:06 - Favorite episodes you've worked on? (Justice Hernandez)
31:43 - How long does it take to film React? (Angela Dawn)
33:52 - How hard is finding new topics? (7nezar7)
37:45 - How do you spend free time? (Alif.bangsawan/_lucaazz_)
43:11 - New pilots? (Cristianbt)
44:28 - Current favorite band? (freakbyers)
47:41 - Favorite city/country you've visited? (birtamaria10)
49:39 - React to Podcasts? (Tanners Books and Beyond)
52:53 - Let's Play Update (Ted Karampilas)
54:57 - Top 10s, Suicide Squad

We wanted to start a podcast for the 5% our audience who may be interested in who we are and what we do here at FBE behind the scenes. Hopefully, this gives us a chance to hang out and actually respond to viewers who are into that kinda thing.

So send us questions using the #FBEPodcast hashtag! About us, the company, the staff, the reactors, YouTube in general... or anything!

You never know who might drop by. -Jon ??

Jon Green
Benny Fine
Rafi Fine

Special Guests:


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FBE PODCAST | Producing React, Top 10s, New Pilots (Ep #22)

Altri video


Teens React To MrBeast

  • 24/03/2019