?? Discord server ??:

•What game is this?
Fallout 76 on PC.

•What is going on here?
We are raiders of this wasteland. The raider faction causes chaos for the sake of their own amusement. Sometimes even pillage and hunt above their means, not just for sport but entertainment.

•Do you guys literally run the entire Machinima company?
Sadly no! There would be much more shit-posting, memes and gaming events if so. What we can do is have some fun on stream with whoever wants to swing by and chat. It shall be a swell time.

•Why did you commence PVP on that player?
Bottle Caps. #RBR Raiders Be Raiding.

•Why did you take that player's junk?
One person's junk is another person's treasure. #RBR Raiders Be Raiding.

•Why did that players CAMP get blown up?
The Home Owners Association does not take kindly to hostile players. #RBR Raiders Be Raiding.

•Who is Shibby?
Another great question! Shibby, who goes by Shibby2142 on YouTube, started off his channel with Battlefield 2142 and Team Fortress 2 content. Eventually he became a Machinima Respawn director with the series "HOW U C DAMAGE?" Not too long after that, he joined the company as an employee and has been doing a variety of jobs here at Machinima for nearly seven (7) years. While he does not upload on his own personal YouTube channel anymore, that is where this journey began. He also has the Twitter at-tag of @Shane, so that is cool too.

•I like this Shibby guy, what do?
Follow him on Twitter, @Shane.
You can check out Ian, @IanEmScott.

•Is this a sponsored stream?!?
We wish but no! Bethesda can pay us in canvas bags if they wish.

•Why Raiders Be Raiding?
This video game is a post-apocalyptic wasteland with soft-core survival mechanics, multiplayer and player vs player capabilities? What were you expecting to happen once survival / shooter fans reach end-game?

•What gun is that?
Most likely an explosive shotgun.

•How are you floating or high jumping?
Marsupial mutation for jumping. Bird Bones mutation for slowly falling down. Strange in Numbers (CHR PERK) shared with team to make all this more crazy! Jetpack on Power Armor also helps for getting some altitude.

•What is with the new logo?
There was a re-brand earlier this year! New look and color scheme. Did Shibby literally make it himself? Well no that is a big company decision! He likes it though.

Advanced options for the damage that you see doing damage to the enemies damaged damage.

•Will I be banned for being terrible person and saying naughty things in chat?
Yes. It’s like a battle royale in chat. Not everyone is going to make it out here fam.

•Is this Fortnite?

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