Presented by YouTuber Tyrannicon, here are the top 10 Texture Upgrades from GTA V.

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Links to all the mods:

10) Michael's House Retextured by Qwertymods:
9) 4K Moon & Perfect Stars by anonymus637 & Xeromorf:
8) Vespucci Beach by Whats a Username?:
7) Lord of Dirt & Tires by KimEurope:
6) 4K Water Overhaul by Real_Gabe:
5) 4K Vegetation/Trees by Sung-ho and Yaboiicey:
4) xTreme Explosion/Fire Textures by mxt333:
3) 4K Blood & Gore by CSYON + jedijosh920:
2) Grass Texture Mod by DayL:
1) L.A. Roads by cryhd:

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