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June 12th – 7 PM
Book Revue
313 New York Ave
Huntington, NY

June 13th – 6 PM
Tribeca Barnes & Noble
97 Warren St
New York, NY

June 14th – 6 PM
211 E. Ridgewood Ave
Ridgewood, NJ

June 15th – 6 PM
Barnes & Noble
12405 N Kendall Drive
Miami, FL

June 17th – 11 AM
Anderson’s Bookshop
123 W Jefferson Ave
Naperville, IL

June 18th – 1 PM CST
Mall of America
60 East Broadway
Bloomington, MN

June 19th – 7 PM
Barnes & Noble
189 The Grove Drive
Los Angeles, CA

June 30th – 6 PM
YouTube Creator Store
6 Pancras Rd, Kings Cross, London N1C 4AG

July 1st – 2 PM
West Village Greenhithe, Bluewater DA9 9SE

July 2nd – 3 PM
12 College Lane
Liverpool, L1 3DL





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Haiiiiii, I'm Bethany Mota!
In todays video, I show you some problems girls have in summer!
Check out the rest of my videos to see diys, skits, fashion, challenges,
lifestyle, and just a little bit of weirdness.

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