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Kid gets Scared in Halloween Store https://goo.gl/7Z2Mu7
Guy Flings Board up However it Falls Back on His Face https://goo.gl/4vD8Fs
Brother Hits Sister's Eyeglasses With Nerf Gun Darts https://goo.gl/FtxHDB
Man Falls Face First into River https://goo.gl/H4UUNN
Man Falls and Hits Groin While Trying to Skate on Rail https://goo.gl/oGfLdw
Car Backs up by itself and Hits the Curb https://goo.gl/jhcsJN
Car Rolls Down by Itself onto Storefront https://goo.gl/v7RJLU
Car Makes Ominous Sound After Jumping off Speed Bump https://goo.gl/88rCch
Drunk Guy Tries to Leap Across Stream and Falls https://goo.gl/qnCmLs
Rollerblader Fails to Glide on Rail and Falls into Bush https://goo.gl/uwDhXh
Girl Fails at Backflipping into Lake From Cliff https://goo.gl/NyaBqw
Golf Ball Hits man on Boat https://goo.gl/zrpcwA
Guy Faceplants into Gravel After Backflip Fail https://goo.gl/pCTxNb
Wakeboarding Trick Fail Followed by Drone Malfunction https://goo.gl/6xt1Q9
Guy Passes Out After Sniffing Chloroform https://goo.gl/uEinFp
Overdramatic Guy Wails While Getting Shoulder Tattoo https://goo.gl/ywTSsY
Man Continues Mowing Grass with Smoking Lawnmower https://goo.gl/ik61JM
Couple Gets Wiped out by Wave During Wedding Photo shoot https://goo.gl/S1Djzf
Skateboarder Falls on Head While Trying to do Full Loop https://goo.gl/JXJDwj
Man Floating on Inflatable Tube Falls Upside Down in River https://goo.gl/S4aBdM
Guy Accidentally Throws Neighbors Package onto Roof https://goo.gl/eFx7TL
Indecisive Diver Slips and Falls into Water https://goo.gl/xrS5Tp
Little Girl Tumbles Downhill on Tricycle https://goo.gl/hbgaF6
Barrel of Water Falls From Ladder Hoist https://goo.gl/KuuhU3
Puching Bag Slams in Woman's Face https://goo.gl/5C648S
Two Guys Crash into Each Other While Inner Tubing Behind Jet Ski https://goo.gl/gWcpA5
Race Gate Fails to Drop During Motocross https://goo.gl/ESkq3G
Baby Flips Headfirst into Basket of Toys https://goo.gl/T6Swcz
Man Falls off Chair While Pushing Rainwater off Top of Tent https://goo.gl/H2qZgt
Guy Accidentally Lands on Kid After Rope Swinging into Lake https://goo.gl/r8Jjub

Tricycle Trouble: Fails of the Week (September 2018) | FailArmy

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