We've got a bunch of funny water fails for you to laugh with. Everything from big belly flops to water challenges and some terrible boat captains! Let us know your favorites in the comments section and as always, submit your funny fails to us on FailArmy.com!!

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Water Slide Backflop https://goo.gl/2eo4V8
Table Divign Board https://goo.gl/pDWEx9
Puddle Jump Gone Wrong https://goo.gl/WRMcHD
Gradnma Can't Float on Innertube https://goo.gl/TyJ6jd
Rope Swing Fail https://goo.gl/qpxyUn
Houseboat Waterslide Fail https://goo.gl/WrV6wv
Big Waterslide Fail https://goo.gl/khoyBf
Tandem Waverunner Fail https://goo.gl/PvqJAU
"You think I don't watch Internet?" https://goo.gl/3sQWDT
Water Obstacle Course https://goo.gl/4mWcLg
Girl Can't Figure Out Water Fountain https://goo.gl/uytd3H
Inflatable Swan Wine Fail https://goo.gl/y1roKk
Guy Trying to Walk Across Pool https://goo.gl/DQjzz4
Diving Board Fail https://goo.gl/SXdu54
Guy Almost Crushed by Ferry https://goo.gl/edRdcS
Woman into Lake while Playing Fetch with Dog https://goo.gl/fmpM2Z
Girl Flips Into Pool and Bellyflops
Passengers Get Tipped out of Boat
Guy Faceplants While Water Skiing https://goo.gl/Ymrzd6
Guys Fly Out of Boat https://goo.gl/FsSbFh
Teen Breaks Diving Board
Kid Tries to Drink from Water Bottle in One Second https://goo.gl/RUkKCd
Dramatic Guy Out of Kayak https://goo.gl/nAWmcu
Surfers Ride a Large Raft in the Ocean https://goo.gl/yfAyz4
Guy Attempts to Jump Onto Swing
Cabin Collapses Into River https://goo.gl/PnsxmY
Surfer Gets Caught in Barrel https://goo.gl/hqvNp8
Man Loses Skateboard Attempting to Skate on Rocks https://goo.gl/caCRUa
Surfer into Bodyboarder https://goo.gl/nSHGTD
Ship into Ship at the Dock https://goo.gl/epnx4K
Waves Launch Bodyboarder in the Air https://goo.gl/UfUB6Z
Guy Messes Around in Pool https://goo.gl/BYJiFi
Girl Wipes Out on Big Wave
German Shepherd Splashes Owner in the Pool
Golden Retriever into the Pool https://goo.gl/Pmbbrp
Showoff Wipes Out on Water https://goo.gl/bRxarB
Handstand on Boogie Board
Man Gets Shorts Caught on Waterslide https://goo.gl/m8JeQz
Drone Into Water https://goo.gl/eMfKU2
Guy in Canoe Gets Stuck on Small Drop https://goo.gl/R7EmSw
Wakeboarder Smashes Nuts on Ramp https://goo.gl/D1tm47
Water Skier Off Ramp
Kid Hits Head During Backflip Attempt Into Pool https://goo.gl/F6Eocj
Man Dressed as Superhero Wipes Out while Pond Skimming https://goo.gl/373mGt

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