We're taking it back to a simpler time, when people were failing all the time... Wait. Anyway, here's some hilarious throwback fails for you to enjoy, we've got some hilarious wipeouts, a mulligan master, and a truck out of control. Have a favorite? Let us know in the comments below!!

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Guy Gets Hit in Nuts by Paintball Gun https://goo.gl/bhUsG9
Man Golfing Gets Angry After Repeatedly Missing The Ball https://goo.gl/JDTSVr
Bike Riders During Snow Race https://goo.gl/PkVdsa
Guy Attempts to Flip Off Tree and Falls https://goo.gl/tSC6LD
Skier Flips Across Powder https://goo.gl/g32T6c
Guy Shows Off Juggling Skills https://goo.gl/pwtKw2
Car Gets T-Boned after Making Left Turn https://goo.gl/BckEJ3
Concrete Climbing @ Rosemont, Montreal https://goo.gl/1RvVZM
Semi Truck Collapses on Car https://goo.gl/RtY9mz
Girl Cannot Balance on Paddle Board https://goo.gl/ruCt49
Snowboarder Falls After Jump
Biker Nose Dives Into Dirt https://goo.gl/pi6vZv
Guy Jumps Over Fence and Breaks It https://goo.gl/4qLbPE
Snowboarder Pileup https://goo.gl/AKfQQF
Girl Falls Off Slack Line https://goo.gl/2G2XZ3
Guy Falls After Punching Game n/a
Guy Attempts to Break Through Wood Plank https://goo.gl/8pEcYp
Guy Hits Car with Skateboard https://goo.gl/0gck6q
Wakeboard Rider Has Terrible Wipeout https://goo.gl/HbQvjQ
Pickup Truck Runs Straight Into a Snow Bank https://goo.gl/ftZjIR
Guy Spins Out of Skis https://goo.gl/yBE0Gt
Skateboarder Lands With Sign In Between Crotch https://goo.gl/KMKyTp
Guy Hits Head with Balls on Rope https://goo.gl/wXoxcD
Gymnast Accidentally Kicks Ball at Camera https://goo.gl/XWfvEn
Guy Hits Chandelier Above Him https://goo.gl/IutMEF
Gymnasts Falls and Lands on Neck n/a
Guy Kicks Brother During Flip https://goo.gl/aGzHA6
BMX Rider Slams into Ground after Failed Jump https://goo.gl/vkr8kD
Guy Can't Stand on Bar https://goo.gl/bjZMO6
Sled Rider Tumbles Down Mountain https://goo.gl/t8UYoD
Golfer Can't Get Ball out of Sandpit https://goo.gl/PuyeH8
Fitness Enthusiast Falls Off Box https://goo.gl/6yV63g
Woman Attempts to Open Champagne With Saber and Fails https://goo.gl/1SntpQ
Police Car Runs Into Parked Car https://goo.gl/emgwNd
Dad Can't Float on Inner Tube https://goo.gl/yx1Fca
Unicyclist Shows Off Fall https://goo.gl/W3Wbws
Guy Attempts to Do Flying Pushups https://goo.gl/4Q3VdY
Dirt Biker Fails to Front Flip n/a
Shirtless Guy Tries to Play with Nunchucks https://goo.gl/aUAhRE
Guy Struggles to Put Boat Back Onto Trailer https://goo.gl/k8Pb0C
Sand Boarder Face Plants https://goo.gl/1eVgk3
Car Sinks into Harbor https://goo.gl/xVw8rB
Dad Tries to Use Inversion Table https://goo.gl/mY8l6o

He's Not Stopping!!: Throwback Fails (November 2017) | FailArmy

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