It's the first Throwback Thursday of 2018! Let's enjoy it with some skateboarding fails, a lion trying to chew a car up, and some funny driving fails! Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!


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Girl Constantly Scares Friend
Dog Spreads Craft Items Around House
Deer Breaks into House
Boy Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Guy Wipes out on Mountain Bike
Friend Attempts Stunts in Toy Car
Weight Flies off Bar During Workout
Girl Falls into River Attempting to Cross over Log
Aerial Dancer Falls Hard at Practice
DUI Driver Crashed into Light Pole
Girl Shows off Flexibility Skills and Falls Over
Guy Falls off Pull-Up Bar
Truck Gets Stuck in Mud and Flips Over
Guy Falls into Water after Flip Attempt
Stone Bounces into Teens Face
Man Falls offf Homemade Chair Swing
Man on Motorbike Crashed into Bushed

This is How you Build up a Combo
Guy Attempts to Jump over Barbed Wire Fence
Boyfriend Hits Girlfriend's Head with Basketball
Biker's Front Wheels Falls off upon Landing Trick
Truck Sideswipes Driver who Quickly Attempted to Merge into Land
Man Backflips Off Statue Faceplants
Guy Accidentally Kicks Girl in Head
Guy Has Close Encounter with Giraffe
Kid Accidentally Gets Hit in Face with Bottle
Guy Attempts to Swing from Branch and Falls into Water
Girl Hits Hands on Ceiling During Workout
Man Makes Woman Crash on her Luge Sled
Dirt Biker Attempts to Ride up Steep Hill
Woman Flies over Trees
Little Girl Spins Steel Pole Around very Fast
Dog Slips on Wooden Walkway
Guy Falls into Water Attempting to Save Fishing Rod
Guy Attempts Multiple Flips off Wall
Kid Accidentally Kicks Ball into Lightbulb
Guy Ruins Girl's Makeup while Driving
Ball Hits Boy in Nuts after Dunking into Basket
Baby Elephant Chases Birds
Girl Trips Over Luggage
Cheerleader Faceplants After Backflip
Girl Falls after Hitting Friend with Pillow
Guy Fails to Bounce off Trampoline Properly
Boy Faceplants on Inflatable Alligator
Man Falls Off Roof Trying to Jump in Pool
Guy Crashes After Flipping off Trampoline
Truck Accidentally Breaks Gate
Little Girl Wearing a Tutu Falls off Bed
Lead Singer Trips Off Stage
Derby Racer Flips Over
Drunk Man Faceplants into Laundry Basket
Guy Attempts to Backflip From Trampoline Into Pool
Couple's Photo Ruined by Wave
Teen on Rope Swing Crashes into Tree
Guy Crashes Motorcycle Attempting to Wheelie
Man Gets Hit by Golf Ball While Taking a Selfie
Rob Adelberg Crashes on the Other Side of Ramp During Ruler Backflip Attempt
Quad Driver Crashes into Lake
Man Tries to Ride A Snowmobile in the River

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