We went back into the FailArmy vault to pull out some awesome throwbacks. Enjoy some classic redneck fails, funny kids, and some hysterical workout fails. Have a video of your own? Submit it to FailArmy.com.

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Father Makes Painful DIY Waterslide https://goo.gl/vjR1xM
Man Jumps Through a Crowd https://goo.gl/C3udWg
Boy Scouts Test DIY Raft https://goo.gl/HnbgzN
Girl through Glass Table https://goo.gl/EK7oBA
Guy Through Ice, Friends Save Him https://goo.gl/J8Hcw6 Sisters Attempt To Wrestle https://goo.gl/T1r8y2 Guy Goes Bowling https://goo.gl/Pz4DE2
Girl Has Trouble Eating Milkshake After Surgery https://goo.gl/8XDk4v
Boogie Board Flies out of Control https://goo.gl/dC7iJN
Kid Drops Cake after It's Finished Cooking https://goo.gl/qE9jkd
Guy Tries to Do Handstand on Stool https://goo.gl/EW3B3B
Truck Drives on Highway with Only Three Wheels https://goo.gl/qWuBBG
Kid Flies off Treadmill https://goo.gl/VqDAJS
Kid on Scooter Eats the Halfpipe https://goo.gl/3HqvHy
Kid Attempts Bench Press and Fails https://goo.gl/pJ4Tsm
Girl Trying to Walk Up Snowy Hill in Heels https://goo.gl/ckE8b2
Bike Trick Goes Wrong https://goo.gl/iwsRP3
Skurfing Gone Wrong https://goo.gl/Lno4q7 Girl While Crossing Stream https://goo.gl/A2kkiJ
Guy Slides Down Mud at Music Festival https://goo.gl/B9zvpK
Bike Rider Face Plants Into Mud https://goo.gl/tdfjB6
Baby Wants to Touch Dad's Coffee https://goo.gl/tun78n
Skateboarder Wipes out on Pavement https://goo.gl/piDB7h
Skier Tries to Backflip off Ramp https://goo.gl/SXWrhQ
Guy Tries to Throw Leaf Skimmer https://goo.gl/fJicjT
Waterskiing Bride Hits the Sand https://goo.gl/5U2knF
Truck's Wheel Bounces while Driving on Highway https://goo.gl/u6thHQ
Drone into Boat and into Waterdial https://goo.gl/H7Z6KK
Girl Flies over Horse's Head https://goo.gl/sK6ab7
Kid Has Bowling Troubles https://goo.gl/6eXzNd
Little Brother Steals Sisters Makeup https://goo.gl/St4DSY
Girl Drops Birthday Cake https://goo.gl/tW14yH
Girl Punches Self in Face Playing Boxing Game https://goo.gl/KEcQKe
guy trying skateboard trick https://goo.gl/MnouWG
Girl Loses Balance on Swegway https://goo.gl/uV2HHz
Kid Fails To Hit Golfball https://goo.gl/c4wwNd
Kid Drops Into Ramp on Scooter https://goo.gl/q2ttUS
Guy Skips Across Water after Barefoot Waterski Fail https://goo.gl/jyiVSY
Lawn Mower Pulls Car Behind https://goo.gl/njcRbk
Golfer Breaks Club on Tree https://goo.gl/3LXUjm
Off-Road Vehicle Tumbles down Mountain https://goo.gl/8QyhXV
Dog knocks over bikini girl https://goo.gl/e11iYs
Guy Lands On Rail In Between His Legs https://goo.gl/ohwA5j
Dog off dock https://goo.gl/Gzm6zE
bus Plows Through Seven Cars on Highway https://goo.gl/41wmAU
Friends Try to Reenact Famous Dance Scene https://goo.gl/TgLku3
Grill explodes https://goo.gl/4Yfz1E
Teens Break Bridge lands in Ditch https://goo.gl/k1LjoU
Baby Face Plants at Indoor Playground https://goo.gl/RikHi1
Dog Trying to Fetch Ball https://goo.gl/HMPHwy
Drone into Tree https://goo.gl/r6QrLm
Girl Attempts Three Handsprings Plus a Full but Fails https://goo.gl/g7MeHf
Dog Runs Headfirst into Step https://goo.gl/kqnRxy
Paraglider into Trees https://goo.gl/mc9a8z
Guy Gets Too Close to Wild Seal https://goo.gl/mDcwvH
New Driver Keeps Stalling https://goo.gl/NHvyEB
Cat boxes with dog https://goo.gl/xcSv7t
Reds big fail https://goo.gl/a4kva5
Canoe slip https://goo.gl/7bHT4x
Baby throws up on dog https://goo.gl/6ZZcus
Man Drops Hot Dog https://goo.gl/LBy4ke
Motorcyclist Wheelies and at Intersection https://goo.gl/x8gyQv
Fork Lift Driver Saves Keg https://goo.gl/UmEHTm
Teen after Bailing Parkour Stunt https://goo.gl/P3jxj1
Student Swims in Flooded Cardiff Street https://goo.gl/y5utXP
Woman Scares Best Friend with Bull Frog https://goo.gl/FwuULM

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